Drone Tech London 2019 Programme

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Introduction to the conference, what’s exciting, what’s new and what to expect.

10:10am -10:55am

Delivery Drones Panel

Chaired by Marie-Ann Russon, Business and Technology Reporter, BBC News Online

Duncan Walker, Skyports, MD

Andy Sage, Head of Drones, NATS

The prospect of drone delivery systems has got the world intrigued.  Several companies, including Wing and Amazon, are developing drone delivery services but they have spent years in development.What logistic companies are doing, by using drones to facilitate logistics in the commerce industry is revolutionary. But in the UK, movement in this industry is slow. While other like Zipline are delivering life saving medication by drone abroad. Skyports is trying to see the reality of helipads for flying taxis and end to end deliveries. This panel will discuss what some of the innovations that have made this possible are. They will discuss what we can expect for every day delivery drones in the UK, and how we can all benefit from this exciting new industry disrupter. 


Satellite Communications and Drones

Ian Kiely, CEO Drone Consultants Ireland

Ian and the DCI team are UAV future thought leaders with emphasis on satellite communications. With a global network they frequently advise / support a spectrum of government entities, aviation bodies and blue light services. 

11:10am – 11:25am

Regulations and the EU

James Dunthorne, Head of Standards, ARPAS
The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has published new EU wide regulations on Drone Use. What are these new regulations and what do they mean for commercial drone operators  in the UK.

11:25am – 12:00


12:00 – 1:00pm

The future of Drones Panel in the UK

Chaired by Marie-Ann Russon, Business and Technology Reporter, BBC News Online

Elaine Whyte, PwC, Drone Lead

Paul Rigby, CEO and Co-Founder, Consortiq

Jamie Allan, CEO, Allan Panthera,

The panel will provide insights into opportunities for the Drone Technology industry in the UK, over the next 10 years. The panel will be reviewing the technologies at our fingertips, the potential of the industry and what pitfalls must be avoided if the UK is to take full economic advantage of drones.

1pm- 2:30pm

Lunch and networking

2:30 – 2:45

Surface, Underwater, Air and Space: breadth of the drone industry:

Tim Spink, Operations Director, Drone Major Group

New commercial applications of drone technology are appearing each day, some even with hybrid capabilities operating in multiple environments. This presentation will offer a glimpse at what is being achieved with drone technology and what mankind is seeking to achieve next.

2:45pm – 3:00pm

The safe use of drones, professionally and as a hobby

Steven Timewell, Head, ARDU

The Association of Responsible Drone Use has been set up for hobbyists and professionals stand together in defence of the safe use of drones, with a mission to educate the public about the safe use of all unmanned aerial vehicles and give the industry a fair trial.




Future Cities

Kathy Nothstine, Nesta, Head of Future Cities

Flying High is a collaborative engagement from Nesta with cities, technologists and researchers, regulators, government, public services and citizens to shape the future of urban drone use in the UK to meet local needs. Hear from Kathy, who has spent the past two years on research, engagement and challenge design, and later this year aim to launch the innovation challenge phase of the project, to engage cities, the drone and aviation industry, the public and service users to develop urban drone services and demonstrate in real-world cities in the UK. 


Drone Procedure Optimisation: Raising the Standards to Save More Lives

Gemma Alcock, CEO of SkyBound Rescuer

Drones are revolutionising many forms of public safety operations; a key example is the impact that drones have had on search and rescue (SAR) missions. Quicker and safer SAR by use of drones is a concept that continues to be proven time and time again. However, a number of studies have highlighted a reliability concern around current drone performance, especially when compared to the reliability of other SAR assets. These studies, and many more, provide ample evidence that the current lack of clear and standardised operational procedures for drone-enabled operations is having a direct impact on teams’ performance.

Open floor to the audience

4:00 pm – 4:15pm

The audience is invited on stage to make short statements and get any voices heard about the state of the industry, their unique offering or the future of the industry.

4:15 pm – 4:20pm

Closing remarks

“Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognise, in positive ways to help society” Bill Gates. Since this statement how has the industry advanced, what can we expect from the future of the industry, how can we get past the constraints we are facing today.



Conference End