Drone Technology in London

The highly anticipated Drone Tech Conference London, will commence on the 18th July 2019. 

The conference will bring together important stakeholders, experts, companies and government bodies together to work towards the responsible growth of this incredibly innovative and diverse industry. 

The drone industry impacts every major industry in the UK, from healthcare, to transport, to construction, etc. The benefits of supporting and growing the industry are huge, but naturally with any major disrupter tech, there are major concerns. 

Drone tech can be a game changer, fiscally alone it has a potential uplift of £42 Billion in GDP over the next 10 years, but more than that, drone tech can save lives, both through fast access to time sensitive medication, and by reducing accidents in industry and on roads. The industry can also make vast improvements to environmental issues, reducing waste and fuel use, while making another 628000 jobs for the UK economy. 

But privacy concerns, and safety concerns, particularly around air traffic are important. And there are solutions we should be addressing to lessen these concerns. 

At the Drone Tech Conference London, the many potentials and pitfalls of the industry will be explored, and the platform will connect investors, corporates and government, and is a must attend events for senior industry stakeholders.

The Drone Tech Conference London will bring together important stakeholders in the drone industry, and the most innovative companies in 2019 together to emphasise how important the drone industry will be for London over the next 10 years.